About me

ProfessionalismThe team of professionals who accompany me are experts in each sector.

Custom pojectsEvery project, no matter how small or large, in the field of garden landscaping or decoration, will always be executed according to the needs of the client and the location. Knowing how to listen to and interpret your requests is our challenge.

Speed and cleanliness                           
Work timelines are established in writing, and meeting them on time and in good condition is a highly valued asset by our clients. 

The best materials                           
We strive to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering the highest quality in each of our projects, always respecting the environment as a standard.  

Jorgelina Dambolena

    I have been working in the design and project management of private and corporate gardens since 2002. After graduating in Buenos Aires, Argentina, specializing in Gardening and Landscaping, I have continued to further my professional development in:

  • Roses, Orchards and Flowerbeds. Dictated by Clara Billoch -2008
  • Organic gardening
  • Circles of Agronomists of Buenos Aires -2010
  • Roses in general. Dictated by Pilar Sofia Diharce - 2011
  • Succulent and Cactus Course. Prof. Ingrid Sieburger - 2016
  • Orchid Cultivation Workshop- 2018
  • Spaces Designed with Native Plants. Prof. Gabriel Burgeño and Claudia Nardini - 2020
  • Comprehensive Sprinkler Irrigation Course. Prof. Gabriel Burgeño and Claudia Nardini - 2020
  • Sprinkler Irrigation Course for Sports Fields . Hunter Argentina 2019-2020
  • Interior designer. DECOMOBI 2018 -2019
  • Comprehensive Course on Natural Vertical Gardens. Muros verdes GWALL 2019
  • Master's Degree in Aquatic Plants. Desert City.Tomy Notary 2022 

Since 2019, I have been residing in Madrid, specifically in Las Rozas, and since then, I have been managing my two landscaping studios from here: one in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the other in Las Rozas, Madrid.

Since then, I have been working under the trade name of Verdencasa&Deco.

I have been working in Spain, participating in major projects in cities such as Madrid, Ibiza, Marbella, or Cádiz, among others.

Outside of Spain, I have developed projects in Miami, United States.

My studio in Buenos Aires is managed by my team, but nevertheless, I usually travel there several times a year. My country, my roots, my studio allowed me to grow and become who I am.